Hair Tease Service - Deluxe Pony

Hair Tease Service - Deluxe Pony

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Pre-Tease Service - We offer this service for all new Pony purchases. Your Pony will arrive Pre-Teased and comp ready.

Pre-Tease post purchase - If you didn't purchase a Pre-Tease when ordering your pony, it's not too late. Bring the pony back and we will tease it and present it in a new box.

Re-Tease/Wash/Treatment Service - This service suits those that have an existing pony which needs some TLC. This includes a wash, treatment and re-tease. You are welcome to post or drop off your pony, to ECE Headquarters.

Re-Tease Add on - Include an ECE Signature Pony Storage Box to your re-tease service.


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We are proud to be an Nfinity Athletic Partner.

Deluxe Cheer Ponies

We have created and developed a high quality, 100% human hair Cheer Pony.

Official Nfinity Athletic Partner

Elite Cheer Essentials, is proud to have partnered with Nfinity to offer high quality training shoes, apparel and accessories designed for all athletes.